Scans of the Codex Seraphinianus Script

Below are a few scans of the script(s) in the Codex Seraphinianus, with a few illustrations thrown in for fun.

The page numbers are just my attempts at romanizing the Seraphinian numbers. The nicknames are just something I made up.

Section 2, Page "7" and facing: "Osteoantenna"

Section 2, Page "VII6": "Alphabets"

Section 2, Page "AV116" and facing: "Mortadellagenesis"

An aside: one thing that most surprised me about seeing a copy of the Codex in person is its size -- I expecetd a normal-sized book, but the Codex is tall, and it comes in an odd Solander case. The actual volume's boards are covered with black silk that is as dark as black velvet. It is very subtly odd.