Homestar Runner Feed Shutdown

I'm now finally officially shutting down the Homestar Runner RSS feed.

For a few years, I kept running a program that generated this feed by pulling links out of the HR site's Flash files-- but then Flash versions changed, and extracting links got harder, and then it was just impossible.

I occasionally tried restoring the feed-generator with new tools, but I never got anything completely working, so the RSS feed hasn't really worked in, uh, several years.

Now that I see that the HR site hasn't changed since late 2010, I'm giving up and retiring the feed.

That's all, folks!

Remember: the Homestar site is apparently stagnant, but the Bros Chaps have a decade's worth of hilarious stuff still there. Go back and watch stuff! (There's just no new bits for this feed to point you at.)

And keep an eye on Homestar Runner Wiki, just in case the HR site does update some day.

          -- Your pal,

             The RSS programmer

             X X X 0 0 0

             July 7, 2012

(Yes, the system is down.)