Sean M. Burke

EHLO!  The rumors are true: I'm Sean!

I'm made out of meat and skin! My superpowers include programming, sleeping, proofreading, loathing bad interfaces, and not answering the telephone

I've written some stuff—

  1. Perl modules,
  2. Some Unix-ish utilities,
  3. The book Perl & LWP  (or to buy the touchable feelable paper edition:  Powell's · Amazon ·
  4. The book RTF Pocket Guide
  5. About a dozen articles for The Perl Journal, which are mostly collected in Best of The Perl Journal: Games, Diversions & Perl Culture, but which you can see in here, in roughly the form they appeared as in print.
  6. My master's thesis, The Design of Online Lexicons, which also appears, abridged, as a chapter in A Practical Guide to Lexicography.
  7. Higher-Order JavaScript, notes on how some higher-order (metafunctional) features of Perl and Lisp have straightforward applications in JavaScript.

I've also been a programmer and/or consultant on a bunch of different Native North American dictionary projects.  And I've been a tech-editor and/or consulting editor on about a dozen technical books.  I have been occasionally sighted at tech conferences, giving talks about, oh, this and and that.

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